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Content Management Systems

We develop the majority of our websites using the web content management system (CMS) software Drupal. Drupal is a robust platform utilising highly configurable modules so we can tailor many of the site's workings to your requirements. Read more about Drupal here.

We are just as happy to develop in WordPress as well. Known for its blogging capabilities and plethora of modules and themes, we can incorporate these features into your own content management system website design.

CMS administration areas are easy to learn and we find after only a 2-3 hours of training, most clients are happy to update their own website. If are keen on learning content management systems in a more thorough way after our training, then we help to accommodate. We also can arrange website maintenace and support for you once you have your CMS website built.

We can also set up databases and other code-driven interactive tools. Contact us if you have specific request. 

How can developing a website in a CMS benefit my business?
Having the ability to update your website yourself not only saves time, but also money. Working with open source CMS platforms like Wordpress and Drupal also mean you can take your site to one of hundreds of other developers already familiar with the system, avoiding the need to start from scratch when you want to jump to the next level of functionality.