We provide solutions that form an intermission in the clutter of advertising.

Flyer Design


Most effective for advertising special promotions on or offline, highlighting featured services/products for a particular audience or providing additional information about new services/products that are not yet in your main brochure or website. They also work well as menus and service listings for a variety of small to medium businesses with higher customer turnovers (cafés, theatres, beauticians, car servicing centres, etc). They can be single or double sided and come in a range of sizes and print options.

Dimensions for A5 and A4 FlyersDimensions for DL Flyer


DL Brochure

These are suitable for a range of purposes and are used across almost every industry in the world. Maps, menus, information about businesses, events, services or product ranges and most importantly contact details can all be quickly and beautifully presented in a DL brochure. When designed well, DL brochres are true workhorses for their companies; great to have as handouts, they fit into standard mailing envelopes and contain enough information to satisfy readers without overloading them.

A DL brochure is the size of an A4 piece of paper folded into thirds and can be printed in a large range of options.

Dimensions for DL Brochure


Booklets and Brochures

These are very useful for cataloguing service and/or product ranges as you can include more detail about each item on the list with room for photographs (if required). It is also easy to make sections dedicated to different areas or themes and include feature pages to highlight select aspects. In short, a booklet can be as simple as a straightforward product list, as attention grabbing as a showcase magazine, or anything in between.

 Booklets are available in a variety of sizes and numbers of pages. There is a large range of printing options.

Portfolio Examples

Camp Flyer for Cortland Bible Camp
DL Flyer for Sir Justyn's Medieval Fayre 2013
A4 and A5 Flyer for Corallie Thornton
Brochure and magazine advert for Mt Tambourine Easter Convention 2010