We provide solutions that form an intermission in the clutter of advertising.


Whatever your organisation does, creative advertising is how most of your customers will find out about it. Combined as part of a full marketing plan, our team will look at the best ways to capture a new audience to strengthen your brand and create more sales. Some of the range of advertising that our digital marketing team can help you with are*: 

online advertising
- outdoor advertising
- billboard advertising
- magazine advertising
- newspaper advertising
- television advertising
- radio broadcasts and interviews
- direct mail
flyers and handouts
- social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc)
- blogs (your businesses' or other bloggers - some will do reviews for free samples)
email marketing, newsletters, sales notifications
- your Website
- word of Mouth

How can advertising help my business?
You get only a few seconds to make an impression on someone, whether it be on a website banner or newspaper - good advertising (combining clever ideas and graphic design) creates that impression. Great advertising will give you the competitive edge over your competition in the market place.

*Please note that not every medium on this list will be effective for your organisation - it's knowing where your customers will be and then engaging them there that makes advertising successful.