We provide solutions that form an intermission in the clutter of advertising.


Creating a website that works for your target audience, as well as search engines can be challenging, but it's vital if you want it to convert and generate traffic. For a new website, we would recommend including some or all of the following SEO/SEM packages as part of the initial build:

Keyword Research Package for Small Websites: $450

Research to understand the keywords that people type into search engines to find your website.
Deliverables: A set of keywords.

Onsite Optimisation Package: $500

The process of drafting onsite optimisations for your website so that it's pages can get found for the right keyword phrases most relevant to the websites products and services. It includes page titles and meta descriptions a well as new page recommendations.


Priced on a per page basis, professional copywriting goes hand in hand with Onsite Optimisation to make sure important keywords outlined in the Keyword Research are also included in the page content.

Keyword rank tracking

50 keywords for $9.50 a month

75 keywords for $13.50 a month

100 keywords for $17 a month

Keyword rank tracking allows you to monitor your site's position for a number of elected keywords. At the first sign of a drop in rankings for any particularly valuable keyword, you'll be notified via a weekly email report. Being aware of changes allows you to take quick action, making any necessary changes to your site to bring its ranking back up.

Setup and run Google an adwords campaign

Initial setup for an adwords campaign is $240 with an ongoing $80/month fee for each month of monitoring and refinement. Actual adword spend can very from $100/month to $1000/month and upwards depending on competition, desired volume for conversions, and budget. Note that monitoring and refinement of campaigns works to reduce the cost of converting a customer and the more data (budget) available early on, the more accurate the refinement process will be.

To help in your decision making process, we have included links to some of our specific website optimisation services below:

Keyword rank tracking

Keyword rank tracking allows you to monitor your site's position for a number of elected keywords. Read more.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We create an SEO strategy to get a good organic ranking in Google and other search engines. Read more.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We analyse the user experience on a website, with a focus on how to convert visitors into sales or leads. Read more

Website Audits

Is your site up to todays current standards? We review all the key components of your website to make sure it's performing optimally. Read more.